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So by now we're all well aware that Jaguar will be offering up the XE SVR in an attempt to mince the alphabet soup Teutonic trio, M, RS and AMG.

But what we haven't discussed yet is the potential for other XE's from Special Vehicle Operations. SVO operates with three branches. The R, for racey performance cars, the X for offroad prowess and the third and final, SVA for luxury. I think we can all agree that Jaguar is not flirting with an XE SVX, but the SVA angle is interesting.

JLR debuted the Range Rover SVAutobiography at the NY Auto Show in April with a price tag of $200,490, or more then double the cost of a base Range Rover. Now we may not see retractable tables and champagne flutes like the big RR gets but what we could see is something similar to BMW Individual, allowing for hyperspecific tailoring of both interior and exterior touches. JLR will be opening a dedicated custom paint shop in the fall capable of churning out 100 vehicles per week.

But then we have to ask ourselves, what sort of cannibalization risks would Jaguar expose themselves to if exploring this strategy?
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Hmm... I just wonder if there is space between the XE and the XF. WOuld the price of the XE SVA tread into the regular XF territory which is already supposed to be more luxurious than the XE?
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