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When the Jaguar XE sports sedan arrives later this year it will bring with it a new era of infotainment for the brand.

Jaguar’s current infotainment system is about as old as the XK, which in tech terms means its prehistoric at best.
Called InControl, the new infotainment setup will be based around an 8-inch touchscreen where Apple and Android smartphone users can access their apps. It will also allow the car to be transformed into a Wifi hotspot for several devices.
Owners will also be able to control multiple features of the car remotely, allowing them to pre-set the heating or cooling, locate the car in a parking garage, unlock the car and even start the engine. The system will even act as a tracking device and can help locate the car if it’s stolen.
Additional features of the new system include an optional heads-up display that will show both speed and navigation information in a vivid and colorful laser projection.
The launch of the Jaguar XE is right around the corner, with the world premier set to take place in London on September 8th.

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I'm excited that there will be a HUD system in the XE. I haven't really had the chance to use one yet, and I think it would be a cool feature. I just want to see if its actually as convenient as they make it out to be.
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