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I'm quite a Volvo fan, I've had several (s40, s40T5, c70T5, S60R, V40T5 CC) and I drive the s60 as a loaner when the Jag or V40 are having services.

The Volvo seats are beautifully comfortable, much better than Jags usually though the XE has pretty good seating. The stereos in the volvos are usually much better than anything I've experienced in a Jag, even the high end systems though I don't know how good the meridian 380W system is. The instrument cluster in the Volvo isn't very user friendly though the cabin is very nice.

The steering in the Volvo s60 has been traditionally very heavy and is quite a negative but the electric power steering improved that a lot. What is terrible in the Volvo is the turning circle which makes it hard to park - the Jag's is big too but it seemed easier to park to me.

The s60 also has quite a bit of torque steer particularly when you give it some boot from a start, I thought it was twitchy and I lost grip easily. Then again test driving the XE 20T I lost grip, but at least that was in the back and not the front. The Volvo also suffers badly on rougher roads, though it is beautiful on smooth roads.

I like the Volvo s60 design quite a bit, though it is nowhere near as nice as the Jag. It is getting too close to a Passat for my liking.

If I had to fit 5 in the car, the s60 would be pretty compelling, but the Jag is so much more fun to drive (rather than being nice to drive) I'd probably take the XE and the passengers could suffer.
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