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Jaguar XE: What You Need To Know

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Purchasing and Ordering

The clock is ticking and as soon as May is when XE owners can expect to take delivery. Whether you've place an order for an XE or not, either one of the topics will apply to you.

Purchasing? When?
Hello all,

Now the reviews are raving about the XE and its chances against the Deutsche Drei, we're interested to see if and if so, when you're about to order?

When will you order your XE?
  • Already ordered one (feel free to tell us about it in the Dealers, Ordering & Purchasing forum)
  • I'm on my way to the dealer and will purchase a.s.a.p.
  • I'll order one after it has arrived in the showrooms
  • I'll order one in 2015
  • I'll wait till more reviews and tests are available
  • Never (...)

Share Your XE Order
Marc's XE (order date October 29th 2015)

Trim: XE Prestige
Engine: 180ps Diesel
Transmission: Automatic

Color: Ammonite Grey
Interior: Latte with Jet black headlining
- Business Pack (navigation, park distance control rear)
- Winter pack (Bi-Xenon lights, heated chairs)

Wheels: 19" Venom 5 Twin Spoke - Silver
Extra options:
- privacy glass
- panoramic sunroof,
- chrome grille
- extra 12v connectors

Delivery date: june/july 2015
Trim: XE Prestige
Engine: 180ps Diesel
Transmission: Manual

Color: Ammonite Grey
Interior: Jet-Siena Tan
- Premium Business pack with traffic sign recognition (nav, front/read parking, rear camera)
- InControl Plus Pack (InControl Protect, Wifi, Remote Premium)
- Comfort Entry Pack (Auto trunk, Keyless Entry)
- Cold Climate Pack (heated seats, front window)
Extra Options:
- Meridian Sound System
- Auto dim rear view mirror
- 12V sockets
- Head Up display
- Configurable interior lighting
- Blind spot monitor
Probably the last car I will ever buy, so decided to treat myself to a Jag: :)

XE S 3.0 V6 Supercharged Auto
Ultimate Black with 20" alloys
Panoramic Pack
Cold Climate Pack
Lighting Pack
Ambient lighting
14 way seats
Highway Pack
Advanced Park Assist with Camera Pack
Black Pack
Memory Pack
Personalised number plate
and other accessories
Horrendous price :eek:
Considered BMW, Audi & Merc. but swayed by looks & spec. of the Jag. Hope I won't be disappointed when it's delivered in June!
Time will tell
Took the plunge a few days ago and ordered an XE S (still no test drive but from what I've seen so far do I need one?), spec below, should look awesome. Looking to get behind the wheel in a month or so as my order is for delivery on the 1st of September (5 months is a long time to twiddle my thumbs), still have the Audi TTRS to play with.

Black Cherry
Venom 19" black wheels
Privacy Glass and Black Pack Plus
Panoramic Glass Sunroof
Advanced Parking Assistance with Proximity Camera
Head-up display
Jet/Red Taurus Grain Leather and Suede cloth
Heated seats - 14 way electric
Ambient Lighting
Illuminated Door Sills
Red Aluminium Gearshift Paddles
Lighting Pack
Memory Pack
Highway Technology Pack
Meridian Sound system


Negatives & Concerns

Every vehicle has its flaws and being aware of them will keep you one step ahead or at the very least in the know. Below are some concerns future owners and automotive publications have noticed. Keep an eye out for future issues reported on the forums as the XE makes its way into the hands of consumers.

Jaguar XE Negatives
Just a place to put negative commentary you come across in the reviews. We should have a balanced outlook IMO.

Of course, the XE isn’t without flaw. The graphics of the new InControl system’s eight-inch touch screen are cleaner and crisper than those of the cluttered mess in current-gen Jaguars, but the underlying software appears to be plagued by the same problems, namely slow responses. Rear-seat space is also on the small side, but then trying to be all things to all people is exactly how this segment became so anesthetic.
From Car and Drivers XE Review
Fitting 3 Car Seats In the Back...
(See also: Compact Luxury Sedans - Rear Seat Dimensions)
Hi all
Just joined this forum so go easy on me.
I'm sure I know the answer to this, however....
I'm looking at the xe as an option for a company car, but trying to future proof myself (4 yr lease) in case we go for child no.3. Anyone know the rear seat width and whether there is any hope of fitting 3 car seats? The car width at 1850 is generous but I don't know if that translates into interior width too. Other options being considered are vw passat ( cheap) and volvo v70 (BIG!). Would love anyone's views??
Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forums.

I would like to suggest you to read the reviews (see links on this forum). Some Dutch reviews mention that the space for the rear seat passengers isn't great. The 3rd seat is very tight.

Looks to me that installing three child seats will be very difficult....

Judging by some of the latest reviews and comparing the back seat with ATS room to being very tiny.
I can only fit one car seat in my ATS comfortably, I personally would not buy a car this size if you already have 2 children with a possible 3rd on the way.

Jaguar XE Likes/Dislikes

Have some things you like about the XE? Need to bring some dislikes to light? Which ever it is, report on them below and see what others have said.

Jaguar XE Revealed: What Do You Dislike/Like About It?
Now that we have seen the Jaguar XE in full, what do you guys like/dislike about it?
If you haven't already seen it in full, make sure to have a look at the Jaguar XE Production Model Mega Gallery by clicking this link!

Love the front and the interior but the taillights needed to be a bit more refined. Of course this is just what I can observe through a few pictures. I hope and anticipate this Jag will be stunning in person
Best Part of the XE...
At least to me it is...

Love that small overhang on the headlight, just adds a touch of aggressiveness in all the right places...
Paul McCartney's Daughter Likes the Jaguar XE

Just a little feel good picture that I found for everyone. Paul McCartney's daughter can be seen in this photo posing next to the brand new Jaguar XE. It's unclear if this is leading up to her actually doing some brand representation for Jaguar, or if she just liked the car.

She apparently is a fashion guru winning multiple awards including being inducted into the Order of the British Empire in 2013. Just saying that she is more than Paul McCartney's daughter and has her own celebrity profile and accomplishments in the UK. Enough to make her an excellent celebrity endorser.

Jaguar XE Ownership

From achieving best in class cost of ownership in the UK to topping a customer service index study, the idea of owning a Jaguar is looking brighter. It gets better as the XE is reported to offer stronger residuals than BMW, Audi and Mercedes, retaining 45% of its value after 3 years! Hows that for a buying motive?

XE Best in Class Cost of Ownership UK
Already they're ready to claim!!

Jaguar will cover all servicing costs for the XE for five years/50,000 miles and a single payment of £475. There's also a £659 High Mileage Service Plan directed at corporate fleet customers, but which you can get regardless of how you purchased your XE. It will cover your costs for five years/75,000 miles, which Jaguar says, is more than any service plan offered by any of their premium rivals.

Furthermore, Jaguar have also made their Service Plans fully transferable to new owners while covering all repairs and replacement parts that you'd need in order to pass the XE's third, fourth and fifth year MOT (Minister of Transport) tests up to a value of £750. They'll also throw in AdBlue top-ups for the duration of the plan.
Jaguar tops JD Power US Customer Service Index Study
Jaguar has found itself at the top of the JD Power & Associates US Customer Service Index Study. The study is based on a 1,000 point scale where a high er score indicates a higher level of satisfaction.

Jaguar topped the list with a score of 877. This is especially impressive since last year Jaguar was below the industry average with a score of 853.

Rounding out the top five were Lexus (870), Audi (865), Lincoln (861), and Cadillac (858). Strangely enough, Land Rover, the sister company to jaguar, came in dead last in the luxury category with a score of 823.

Read more here:
XE to Have High Residual Value?
CAP, Kee Resources and CDL are in agreement that the XE will offer stronger residuals than BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

Predictions peg the XE retaining 45% of its value after 3 years


Future Jaguar XE Models

Joining the trend of alternative fuel sports cars, Jaguar trademarked "EV-Type" signaling a new model for Jaguar and possibly hybrid/electric versions of other vehicles. On the exciting end is Jaguars response to BMW, Mercedes & Audi, the Jaguar XER-S, delivering 542 BHP from a 5.0-liter Supercharged V8.

Jaguar trademarks "EV-Type" in US and Europe
Jaguar Land Rover has filed a trademark for a new nameplate in the US and Europe. The new "EV-Type" trademark likely signals a brand new model for Jaguar.

There isn't much information on the details of the new car, but the "type" suffix means that it will likely be a new Jaguar model. With the name and the recent trend of alternative fuel sports cars, this new model could very well be hybrid-electric sports car. This EV sports car could help JLR meet CAFE regulations.

Jaguar hasn't said anything official about a hybrid version of the F-Type yet. In LA Jaguar will debut an AWD version of the F-Type that also has a manual transmission option.
Jaguar considering XER-S with 542 bhp V8 engine
(See also: Jaguar XER-S Rendering)
Jaguar is reportedly working on a range-topping version of the 2015 XE that will be powered by a V8 engine. Jaguar already confirmed that the F-Type's V6 3.0-liter supercharged engine will be offered in the XE, but I guess that isn't enough for them!

Auto Express reports that the motor will deliver 542 bhp. That figure matches the 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine in the F-Type R Coupe. With that engine, the Jaguar XE should have a top speed of more than 186 mph.

The range topping model of XE, the XER-S, will likely be revealed in 2016 following the introduction of lesser S and RS derivatives.

This is something to get excited about.
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