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Small piece on the brand loyalty of auto shoppers came out and Jaguars on it as having some of the worst loyalty. The most obvious reasons I can think of are reliability and a small scope model lineup...

4. Jaguar
> Average loyalty: 25.45%
> 2014 Vehicle sales (Jan. – Jun.): 8,317 (2nd lowest)
> Dependability – problems per 100 vehicles: 132 (13th lowest)
> Manufacturer: Tata Motors

On average, just 25.5% of Jaguar’s customers said they intended to return to buy another vehicle over the last few fears. Among luxury brands, Jaguar customers have been the least likely to remain loyal. Less than 17,000 Jaguars were sold last year, among the lowest unit sales of any car brand. Compared to the year before, however, the company’s sales were up more than 41%, the largest spike in sales among all the brands reviewed. Compared to other brands on this list, Jaguars also had relatively few problems reported per 100 vehicles and nearly the best rating on J.D. Power’s APEAL report. Dramatic sales increases may indicate there were high volumes of first-time buyers. With the sales jump, there may be a new generation of Jaguar enthusiasts and loyalty ratings may finally increase.
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