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Jaguar's XE S Review

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Short review on the Jaguar XE S :)

A lot more fun in this car!

The electric power steering is nicely weighted, and the nose feels agile from the second you tip it into a corner. Once it's turned in, you can use the throttle to bring the back around in a neat, controlled arc without feeling loose or out of control, and then once you're pointing in a straight line again it's a matter of rolling onto the throttle and enjoying letting the howling V6 drop-kick you down the road.
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Power and overall feel coming from the engine is important to me and hearing that they like it aside from the fact its lacking power, being a detuned unit should make tuning it an interesting experience. A few hundred dollars later after purchasing a tune we could be well on our way to experiencing the kind of power that wakes up the XE-S enough. Now I just wonder what the tuning potential is like in these, who knows what sort of power is waiting to be unleashed.
Just imagine tuning it up and hearing that power unleash! I would do it too! I would've assume because it's XE-S, there would be more power to it. Maybe that's just my imagination.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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