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JLG's new Chinese Facility...

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JLG has just expanded into China with their first ever facility in the Peoples Republic. For now its only the Evoque that has been announced for manufacture, but I can't see a logical reason the XE will be left out in the cold. Chinese are notorious for their love of saloon cars, an XE-L could do quite well with the business community...
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I think they will need to. it seems doubtfull that Solihull can handle the entirety of global demand...
I know the Chinese are getting or already got the new Infiniti Q50, I thought a vehicle like the XE would be great for them seeing how the Q50 is in the same segment.
Seems like a good idea to have some Chinese production. It lowers the tariffs and therefore price of the XE in China. Plus it makes sense to have production spread across the globe. China is awfully far from the UK so shipping costs can be saved on.
How much lower do you think a vehicles price can get in a situation like that?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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