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JLR to move forward with US diesel despite VW debacle

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VW is in a death spiral, and many people are wondering if diesels generally are going to go down with it. JLR is sticking to its plans to bring diesel models to the US however.

JLR CEO Joe Eberhardt said that it’s too soon to tell how the Volkswagen disaster will impact the rest of the industry, but the company won’t change its plans to bring more diesel cars to the U.S. and Canada. The Range Rover Td6 and Range Rover Sport Td6 diesel SUVs are the company’s first diesel cars in North America, and they just arrived in September and so far account for 16 percent of the sales of those models.
Given that JLR is steadfast in its diesel plans, even under heightened scrutiny, it makes me think that JLW is not cheating. Not only that, but JLR must have some legitimately good diesel engines to show us. Maybe all is not lost for diesel.

“We are convinced of the benefits of diesels from a fuel economy and from an all-wheel drivability perspective, and that hasn’t changed,” Eberhardt said at an event in Detroit. He said JLR is planning for diesels to account for 20 percent of their sales.
A diesel XE will be on the way in the future.
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The Volkswagen disaster will only marginally impact the rest of the diesel industry because the loss of faith lies with VW. There will always be loyalists who will go for diesel even with the scandal and as long as Jaguar passes the emissions tests I'm sure people will still want a diesel XE.
It just seems to me that the VW thing has really solidified the image of diesel as a dirty fuel. On the other hand, it may be a good opportunity for other brands to take away that niche that VW had claimed before. If the VW thing didn't happen, I think that Jaguar would have been able to sell more diesel XEs.
Hard to tell if there's an impact on Jaguar's Diesel section without numbers. So far they seem to be doing okay but I'm not sure if the diesel sales contribute to it.

"The all-new Jaguar XE and the all-new Discovery Sport continued to impress this month, retailing more than 13,000 vehicles in total,"

This is in one month alone. Time will tell I guess.
I think if there is an effect it will be delayed because it won't be straight from the consumer, it will be due to government regulations becoming tighter. That will make diesels less profitable for companies and harder to get to market because they have high standards to adhere to.
The VW scandal doesn't seem to be affecting their EU sales. Most of their loss is coming form the States and Canada.
Jaguar's Diesel should do fine.
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