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We have been told that Jaguar land Rover is not feeling pressured to debut self-driving technology before it is fully developed, unlike some other automakers (Tesla, Cadillac). But that doesn't mean that JLR isn't investing heavily in researching and testing autonomous driving systems. The company has announced that tests of its system will be taking place on public roads in the near future.

41 miles of public roads in Coventry and Solihull, England will act as a "living laboratory" to test various technologies like vehicle-to-vehicle communications and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

Five JLR research vehicles will be part of a fleet of 100 cars that are all part of the UK Connected Intelligence Transport Environment project, which has received roughly $4.9 million from the British government. The project will outfit the test route with specific roadside equipment, like stop lights, that will be able to communicate with the cars on the road, while the cars themselves will be able to talk to each other.
The project will aim to use data to optimize traffic flow, getting you where you want to go fastest given the current traffic situation. Early warning systems for hazards will also be tested. This would include cars being connected to emergency services to pass on information seamlessly.

JLR is developing its system to drive like humans do in the hopes that will make people trust the system more.
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