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Hello all , 4 mths ago I got rid of my BMW 520d m sport . the car was only 7mths old with 7000 miles on the clock . My previous car was also a BMW 520d but an SE model . The m sport model on 19" wheels was probably one of the worst rides I have ever experienced in any car , a bump , thump drive all the way unless the road surface was like glass .
I changed the tyres from runflats to normal but that made a minimal difference . The SE on 17" wheels was better but far from being brilliant . I test drove a Jag xe prestige with 18" templars , purely for curiosity reason and was totally blown away , so much so I now have one in polaris white . BMW are quality build cars , no doubt , but their suspenions leave a lot to be desired.
The Jag xe suspension and handling in my opinion can only be described as pure brilliant . The steering response and the way it just glides in comfort over uneven surfaces is a pure joy . The touch controls and a few other little things are definately superior on the BMW, but to me the most important thing in a car is the way it drives and feels. I lost a few quid on the deal as you can imagine, but for the sheer pleasure this car gives me it was worth it in every sense . I feel sorry for BMW drivers , they don't know what their missing ..
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