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Any sunroof explosions in your driving History?
If you've got an XE with a moonroof, then you've got a sunblind beneath it as well. All the US 20116/17 edition XE's came with them as default (I LUUUV moonroofs), and I know I'm going to give mine plenty of action this coming season.

But while the modern cars seemed to have fully solved the leaking problems that older sunroof-vehicles had, the modern sunroof has also experienced some spontaneous explosion incidents.

At lawsuit time:
The glass Engineers theorize it's due to the demand for thinner glass panels, which are affected by extreme temperature exposure much more than the heavier thicker panels of the past. (I tend to accept that.)

The analysts theorize it's due to impact from a rock or similar object that struck from outside (Engineers say no typical object will do that to tempered glass...and I happen to agree with the engineers, since I see glass designs in my construction work---tempered glass is WOW).

The analysts theorize that the combinations of temperatures "trapped" between the roof and the sunblind, and the "twisting or racking" of the car in motion, can put enough steady or buffeting pressure on the glass to make it shatter upward. (This theory bothers me).

The last theory hits home to me, since I know the XE is a bolted (not welded) body, and MAY give and creak a bit more willingly than someone's BMW or Merc.
I DON'T believe in feeling afraid of things as a means of protection--but DO believe in doing a minor adjustment here or there to improve my "guarantee" of a life without incidents.

Have any of you heard of it happening to an Jaguar, XE or otherwise?
Have any of you had a friend or neighbor experience a sunroof blow-out?
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