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Looking for affordable luxury, browsing around

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So I am not in any hurry but i am looking into what options are out there for affordable luxury sedans. I like the BMW 3-Series (or is it 2-series now?) and I was also looking at the Mercedes Benz CLA, but i didn't like that so much when I sat in it.

I've always liked jaguar so I'm excited they are coming out with something that is closer to my price range.

I'm living in Toronto right now. I take public transit to work each day, so the car will be more for trips outside the city or to the grocery store; not an everyday commuter.

Look forward to discussing with of y'all.
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Why don't you have a look at this, i am sure you would finally get the nice collection of multiple choices there.
I hear Toronto has some good scenery. If you’re a family man, or have a favorite gal you’ll want to take on nice cozy drives outside the city… the XE is a car that will likely attract both of you, in ways BMW just doesn’t seem interested in providing to the driving experience anymore. Coziness of cabin, shocking excitement in taking road-curves, and a shape that (in my opinion) was the most nearly perfect body shape that 2016/2017 ever had in sports sedans.

You’ll have to decide whether you like the “luxury” interior. The XE is a ROAD vehicle—nearly everything about its engine, wheels, headlights, suspension, steering wheel, is about the “Driver exploring his road”. To keep a car like that affordable, I sense that Jaguar chose to strip down all “excessive” elegances in the cabin, and just make a sleek, down-to-business interior. I LIKE the all-serious, no-champagne feel of the interior, but some Jaguar-lovers say it’s TOO lean and TOO un-fancy to suit the classic “Jaguar” attitude. …Different opinions all.

I commute with mine, but I can tell in each drive, this car is really a sports-car dressed to look and blend in with sedans. I
That’s why it draws attention when parked on the street, and shocks other drivers when you suddenly growl and slip out of a traffic situation, with a professional power leap that no one saw coming. I always feel as if I am “restraining” a powerful creature as I cruise in a civilized manner down a street. The XE is easily silent and no show-off whenever you want it that way.

If you prefer a REAL Jaguar sedan (not the sedan-disguise that the XE is wearing like James Bond), test drive the XF. Slightly roomier, more elegance in the cabin, (quieter cabin too—the XE permits more road noise as part of the driver-experience). The XF has bigger engine power to make up for its heavier weight over the aircraft-light XE, but also gives a softer, family-like suspension than the XE.
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Nice post. It says basically everything you need to know. It's up to personal preferences and after switching from Audi I totally love my Jaguar now. I'm discussing a lot recently about it with my friend at DSRLeasing as he currently has CLA 250 and is slowly getting more and more interested in purchasing an Jaguar after I took him on a test ride.
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