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Meidian Surround Sound System

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Has anyone got an XE with the Meridian Surround Sound System? My XE is on order (won't be here until March) and it's going to have the upgraded sound system. I've read the post below where the owner was displeased with the standard system, but I'm hoping that the Surrounds system with 825 watts and 17 speakers will be as good as my Mercedes E-350.
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I just got an XE first edition with the 825W Meridian system and to be honest it wasn't even close to the Burrmeister sound system in a C-300 sport that I test drove. If gear sound is what you're going for, I don't think you're going to be impressed. However having said that the sound that the XE makes on accelerating and the thrill it gives you will overcome this lack of great sound. So far it's always put a smile on my face every time I drove it.
Umm... Well, we REALLU ought to be mindful about saying whether a sound system is "good" or "not nearly as great as" or etc. Iused to be (and still am) a stereo system and Home Theater collector, and people's ears aren't able to objectively tell a "good" from "a better" without some training about acoustical sound.

Until then, every time I catch myself saying "that sound system is better than.." I know I'm being almost entirely subjective, and my subjective ears are likely to be way different from yours.

Not comparing to any personal system I've had in any other brand's car:

Is the standard Non-Meridian system of the XE worth the money? Yes. If you just need the radio, and you play all you stuff on MP3s from an ipod or paired phone on your way to work, it's fine.

If you buy tickets to live performances alot, and you hear differences between a WAV file and an ACC file that you make on usb drives, and you the 11 speaker entry level Meridian is clean, precise, and tight in the XE's cabin. Meridian does not embarass itself in this car.

But the cabin of the XE is very snug ceiling-wise and backseat-wise, so making wide open STEREO magic is hard, even for the basis Meridian.

The 17 speaker Meridian pulls off the magic necessary to give you that rich stereo. I think people expect Meridian to take the extra watts and thump you all over the inside of the car. Sorry, but the English Meridian company isn't into that. The power is used to control the stereo effect and give a feeling of more open, wide stereo in such a snug cabin the XE has.
You won't be "amped up" like I'm sure a BMW or Audi tries to drown you with. The patented Meridian stereo effect is what you're extra money is putting in the car.

Hope this helps. Music really is a key part of the driving experience sooner or later...
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New fellow here. I'm trying to decide if the $2700.00 is worth it for the better Meridian system (Tech Package) Frankly don't care about the bigger nav screen since I end up using Google maps or the other items in the Tech package.. But if the more expensive system sounds dramatically better I'll probably order it.. Opinions?

Oh and does anyone know if when ones phone (iPhone) is connected via blue tooth will Google maps send spoken directions through the cars audio system?

For the surround system upgrade alone, NO, it is not worth the $2700.00. See my post above in this thread, for my opinion about the differences between the base-Meridian, and the surround-Meridian.
Even if I loved concerts in my car... I couldn't spend that much just to get a "concert" system.
But the bigger screen intouch PRO is coming with a handful of "stand away from the car" control features that some owners adore.. and that helps justify the $2700.00:

Start your car from inside your house...
Map out your NAV journey from a laptop or PC, and have it automatically "loaded" in your car's memory while it's still parked in your garage...
Pre-set your climate temperature inside the car via some future phone app, before you even step into the car...

Not the features I'm interested in, but your $2700.00 is partly paying for those capabilities.
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Hello Everyone,
I read through this thread and have gained a base idea about how the Pro sounds (speakers and calibration). What my concern is about the New InTouch Pro (825W) head unit. I previously read posts about this being very laggy and takes more than 15 mins to boot atimes. Is this a common issue, how many of you have faced it ?
Any information is greatly appreciated.
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