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NA out of running for potential JLR facility

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It looked like Georgia was cozying up to JLR...but unions have kyboshed the projects potential...
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I just found an article that says that JLR is going to build a new factory in either Austria or Turkey. Apparently these countries have even cheaper labor costs than the southern US, and I suppose that is what it is all about these days.

4wheelnews says:
The British group, now owned by Tata Motors, is trying to expand its production outside the United Kingdom, its traditional turf. According to the Birmingham Post, JLR is hesitant to expand its production beyond its three plants in the UK due to high wage costs as well as recent pay disputes with trade unions.
This report comes from a "highly placed company source" which means that this wasn't actually announced by JLR.

A JLR spokeswoman told Automotive News Europe that the carmaker will continue to evaluate opportunities to increase its production footprint, especially in markets with “growth potential and customer demand."
JLR isn't exactly known for quality, so they need to make sure that they don't sacrifice quality for affordability if they build a factory in a developing country.
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Reliability no, Quality yes...
Good point. But I do think that the two are linked.
They're not. Ferraris are unreliable, Ferraris are quality pieces of machinery...

A Racing motorcycle needs its gearbox torn apart after each race, unreliable lifetime, quality engineering...
I don't think something is very good quality if it is unreliable. I suppose it is good quality until it breaks, but after that it isn't very good quality anymore.
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