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NA out of running for potential JLR facility

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It looked like Georgia was cozying up to JLR...but unions have kyboshed the projects potential...
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Seeing how open they are to markets, I wouldn't be surprised if they go to a country of an level lower economic status
JLR isn't exactly known for quality, so they need to make sure that they don't sacrifice quality for affordability if they build a factory in a developing country.
I have a feeling we'll be seeing what we don't want to, which is just that.
Seems to be the trend in the industry when these moves happen.
I don't think something is very good quality if it is unreliable. I suppose it is good quality until it breaks, but after that it isn't very good quality anymore.
LOL **** ferrari and race bikes for machines not of very good quality.
Might be time to go back to my 90's Honda, that was reliable as ever and we know what that means!!!! 0:)
the key takeaway is that specific types of products have different standards and ways of judging quality especially as you view it from the mindset of someone buying it.
I agree,

that's just how it is.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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