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Need advice on buying a car

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Hi guys, I'm a new member. Please help me with the choice of car. I want something like this . What do you think about that?
Thanks for answers.
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I think you can try to buy it. Looks interesting.
Hey there and welcome to the community! Thanks for reaching out for advice on buying a car.
The 2018 Jaguar XE looks like a great choice! It's a stylish sedan with impressive performance and features. Make sure to do your due diligence by checking the vehicle's history, getting a thorough inspection, and taking it for a test drive. Also, have you considered enclosed car transportation? It's a convenient option to ensure your new car arrives in pristine condition, especially if you need to transport it over a long distance. Best of luck with your car search and feel free to ask any more questions!
The car looks very good - but what an extraordinarily low mileage for a 2018 car - 1564 on the dealer's blurb, 1646 on the instrument panel. I think it would be advisable to get the story behind this and check that a new instrument panel hasn't been fitted recently, disguising what, in reality, is a high mileage.
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