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Just completed my purchase of all-season tyres and purchase of Winter tyres, complete with a set of rims for both.

It's time for the hardest task: Finding a tire dressing.

I hate everything I've seen or read about so far. Too slippery and stains my paint as it spatters off the tires. Washes off in two rainstorms. Collects way too much dirt and sand grains. Discolors when you try to reapply. Too wet, like a pimp's car dropping off one of his hookers. Too much like donut glaze or frosting on my niece's birthday cake. Too many lies about "returns your tires to factory black".

I want a dressing that dries deep, polished black, like in the GROOVES of your tires when you first bought them. Your grooves are not true matte, not glossy at all, no frosting-glaze on them, and not satin with highlights. They're usually just black and with all the edges defined. Or like Nokian tyres, they have a look like something that was intentionally polished for maximum definition. NOT shiny.

Griot's Rubber Prep is what I use to lift all the existing grease and invisible oils off the sidewalls, and it leaves the rubber supper tacky and "rubbery" feeling. It's a great "primer" for putting on your dressing afterward.

But I need some Dressing recommendations. Anyone know a candidate that fits this dressing description, please send me his resume! Help me out.
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