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New details on the Jaguar XE

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Jaguar has released some new information about the soon to be unveiled XE.

The video above talks about the use of aluminum in the chassis. The chassis is 75% aluminum, which makes for a very lightweight vehicle that is still strong. It's a first for the industry to use a new grade of high-strength aluminum called "RC 5754". That material has been developed specifically for the XE and uses a high amount of recycled material.

Fuel consumption should be less than 62.4 mpg in the US system.
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Read about it's gas mileage in another thread and seeing the mention of aluminum being used in the chassis does help with making that crazy MPG number add up, good to see this is what's happpening.
people that are just looking for a fun and luxurious commuter will love the XE
I think that people are naturally skeptical of the high fuel efficiency that Jaguar is claiming, but this aluminum chassis makes it more possible. Still, I can almost guarantee you that the fuel efficiency won't completely live up to the advertised numbers.
keep in mind that number they are quoting is for the diesel....
keep in mind that number they are quoting is for the diesel....
OOOoooo, well now it is starting to make a whole lot more sense. Are they going to offer the diesel in NA?
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