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Hello! As I am posting here for the first time, let me start with a story. It might not relate directly with this forum's specification, but just wanted to share.

It was February 2020, before the coronavirus locked us in home. My wife took me to the Lodhi Road Art District, which is one of the hidden gem in Delhi. It was a real surprise for me. But a surprise in the surprise was a beautiful Jaguar Soverign (XJ40) I found parked there.

The shiny luxury sedan wearing Racing Green colour was oozing out the beauty from every inch of it. Despite being more than 30 years old may be, it was like fresh out of the showroom.

Seeing such a beautiful old car in such condition is indeed a rare sight on Indian roads.

The Jaguar Sovereign was even more premiumss at its time compared to the base XJ6 model. It used to come with headlamp washers, six speaker sound system, ABS self-levelling suspension at rear, couple of features that were well ahead of time in many markets around the world, specially for India.

Do you also love such vintage beauties? Share your oozing moments. :)
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