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New member in Ireland

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Greetings all.
Ordered my first Jag ever last week. Wanted one in the '50s ....( an XK120 would have been nice!), hope the wait is worthwile.
Spec'd a manual 2.0D 180ps in IRR, Latte seats with sunroof and 18" matrix wheels. Sat nav, (pricey option here), Lighting pack and a few other bits and pieces.
Delivery....Early 2016 ?
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Early 2016? That's a bit of a longer wait than I would have expected. Congrats on the purchase though.

What are you driving right now?

Welcome to the forum!
Hi John and Winger,
Yes, the dealer mentioned "late september" but reading other posts here and elsewhere it seems that 6 months is more likely. I will let you know when I get a firm build date.
I currently drive a 2006 407 Peugeot 1.8 Petrol (bought new) which was not a good choice in hindsight due to "post guarantee" reliability issues....
Can't wait....An extravagant purchase maybe, but I will save a lot on Road tax and fuel.! Irish diesel prices are about 12cent cheaper than petrol and the road tax on pre 2008 petrol vehicles is (for an 1800cc) currently 636 Euros as opposed to the 190 for a later 2l diesel.
Wow, that makes it sound so much more expensive to drive in Ireland. Maybe that's the case across all of Europe though. pre-2008 as the threshold for a tax sounds a little extreme to me.
And the downside is that even then there's always the chance for the date to get pushed for who knows what ever reason it may be for.
You've got to take the dates with a bit of a grain of salt, but I'm sure that Jaguar is trying their best to get them to people on schedule.

I sometimes think about how frustrating it must be for people who pre-order Tesla vehicles. Tesla is always years late with its releases.
That`s something Tesla is going to have to fix since I heard they want to come to market with volume products. Volume and long delays don`t mix well.
You think so? I suppose people who buy high-end vehicles are willing to wait longer for a vehicle they really want, but with volume vehicles those people may be more apt to just choose something else if the wait is too long.
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