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I'm new to owning not just a Jaguar but new to owning a "Luxury" branded car. Let me tell you, the feedback from my family and friends was extremely negative.😂 you would have thought I bought a Range Rover! 😂 yes I know they are made by Jaguar. That being said I gave no [email protected]$ks what they thought because I work and make my own money. I'll be honest, I was dead set on getting a Mercedes Benz C250 and then all of the sudden this little black beauty was roaring at me and got my attention. A 2017 XE 25 T was purring my name. She was a used one but that's fine and frankly not any different than the other women I've had throughout my life...except I can't catch herpes from my car. I wanted the car so bad that I bought it online without ever seeing it until delivered. She has 53,000 miles and purrs like a bad little kitty. I only gave $16,750 before tax,title, and tags. Not to mention I actually threatened to back out of the deal and stop payment on the check because the dealership was taking too long to deliver. I had a few choice words with the manager and after 2 hours of not answering his calls he throws in a 2 year 24,000 mile powertrain and sealed components warranty as well as a brand new set of tires and a 7 day buy back guarantee or else he could just go F himself. I'm 3 weeks in on ownership and finally drove it for the first time 2 weeks in because my wife is the primary driver. We are excited to start doing customization to the car. She does vinyl wrap and she is currently installing satin black wrap, 15% tint, and then move up to some 20" satin black 5 spoke Rockstars or similar wheels. However, I can't find much else for esthetic upgrades or customizations. I have the 4 banger and although it's a quick little cat, we want to do performance upgrades that's what brings me here.
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