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Opening Engine Hood

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Hello All,
I am driving in left side country thus my steering wheel in right side. But my lever to open engine hood locate in left side, under glove box.
I have to get off from car go the left side - open front left door - pull the lever in order to open engine hood. It will be more complicated while there is someone sit in front passenger seat.
I can not get why Jaguar put this lever on left side, UK also left side driving country. So, this is should be under design and planning.

How about car which is marketed in right side driving countries? Does the lever located in left side?

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Stan, agree that we very seldom to do anything with the engine, in fact I can not do anything.
Just need to clean them and fill wiper tank. Check battery and oil/water level before longer trip.
Here, sometime, before entering security sensitive area, I need to open the hood and let the guard check. Funny but it is happened.

they are looking for Santa's sock inside :)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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