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Opinions on the 2.5T?

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Hi. I've had 2 XFs and now an XKR, I'm considering an XE for the sedan in the family.

Over here (Australia) the XE S is $30K more than the 2.5T which makes my eyes bleed a little, I just cant see myself paying the extra. Given we already have one very quick car in the family, so I'm looking at the 2.5T in the R sport. Red, which my missus has approved, surprisingly, or maybe black.

But I haven't seen any in depth reviews on the car with that engine. Has anyone got one, and what's it like? Is it torquey and does it have plenty of go at overtaking speeds? My experience with the ecoboost engine was in an evoque a few years ago and it was pretty underwhelming - I thought it was gutless and noisy, though I think they improved it afterward and made it a bit gruntier, and anyway transmission is a factor.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts, if anyone has one.
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