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Peter DeLorenzo is the autoexremeist. He spent like 50 years in automotive adverstising so he knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to branding...

Jaguar: Fantastic historical relevance with its beautiful D-Type racers, XK-120 sports cars and the timeless and fabulous E-Type. Now, its deep-pocketed ownership and rejuvenated brand leadership is starting to pay dividends for the brand. The F-Type seems to be moving the needle positively for the brand (I prefer the coupe over the convertible by a bunch), and with more new products coming, the future looks bright. Jaguar is out to attract the same “new” buyers that every other brand in the luxury-performance market wants - aka younger people with money - and the brand keeps hammering away at that theme. For now, it looks to be working. The AE Brand Image Meter? Definitely warm to the touch.
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