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Beat me to it Marc ;) I guess thats why you got the job ahahaa

We can think of precious few reasons why you shouldn’t. The gaps between class-leading cars in this sector are sufficiently close for us to want to take a 3 Series and an XE down the same stretch of road before proclaiming the Jaguar to be the better-resolved driver’s car - but even so, on the basis of this test, the new challenger looks a very well-judged compromise between a sporty drive and a long-distance cruiser. The prices are sensible, strong predicted resale values should help leasing and finance rates to be competitive, and the diesels’ CO2 emissions should make the XE stand out on company car sheets.

Jaguar’s stated goal here was to not become another ‘alternative to the big three executive car manufacturers’, a la Lexus, but rather ‘one of the big four’. Every shred of the XE feels like it will propel the firm towards that goal.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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