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Question from VW owner: VCDS equivalent?

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VW group vehicles can be modified via software called VCDS. It can also check for, and clear error codes. Simple things such as how the sunroof opens when the car is unlocked to calibrating a new installation of bi-xenon headlights or removing annoying seatbelt chimes can be done with it.

Is there equivalent software for Jaguar vehicles?

Also, are their self study documents available from Jaguar? Basically technical documents used for background information/introduction to Jaguar's logic for using certain technologies in each vehicle.
Like this document for example from VW explains how dual charging works in their engine:
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You are talking about open source software? Ones where you can make your own apps and modify the software yourself?
Not really. At least I don't think so. VCDS is modelled after the dealer VAS software except that VCDS is free and is updated by a third party and runs off a laptop and communicates with the car via OBD2 port. The software isn't open source as only the third party updates it.

So for example these are the control modules present in most VW group vehicles and the second screenshot shows the options available in part of one control module. Ticking off boxes allows you to customize the car so to speak for your preferences or world regions etc.

Is there something similar for Jaguar vehicles?
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