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Autoblog published an article on their experience with an XE diesel. See their full take on it in this link:

Driving Notes
  • The biggest clue to the engine's fuel source is the tachometer, which only counts to 6,000. But you wouldn't know from the fast throttle response or the way revs climb when you mash the accelerator. All 180 peak horsepower come at 4,000 rpm, and the 317 pound-feet of torque are available from 1750 to 2500 rpm.
  • Really, this engine is smooth. Credit the low 15.1:1 compression ratio, which also helps make the engine's aluminum construction possible. The surge of power from the turbo builds steadily instead of kicking in all at once.
  • Jaguar's engineers focused on friction reduction with a fanatical devotion, all in the name of efficiency. One key feature is the offset crankshaft. That is, the crankshaft is located to the side of the cylinder centerline. This reduces the side load forces during the firing cycle.
  • In the manual transmission the gears are cupped to reduce mass. A pump sprays oil directly on the cogs, which cuts back on the total amount of fluid and cuts back on friction loss due to windage.
  • No, the manual transmission isn't coming to the US. And yes, it's really good. Not just in the cliché journalist love for the diesel-manual combo, but objectively good. That smooth responsive nature of the engine is amplified when you get to choose your own gears.
  • So we make due with the eight-speed automatic, the 8HP45 version of the ubiquious ZF box. The coolest trick here is a pendulum-style damper in the torque converter instead of a typical spring damper. When the torque converter is locked up this cuts down on torsional vibration between the engine and transmission. And that enables low-rpm cruising and higher mpg.
  • Ignore the ridiculous European-cycle fuel economy numbers, which go as high as 75 miles per gallon. They don't translate to our EPA test. But Jaguar representatives say to expect a highway figure above 43 mpg. We saw 37 mpg on the trip computer during our drive through Spanish wine country.
  • Everything we liked about the XE 35t is present here, except for the exhaust note and endless power. Sure, those are big losses, but we still like the XE in this version. The steering is still excellent, the chassis is poised, and the cabin is comfortable and luxurious.

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Still disappointed that we're not getting the manual. If they made it available in one market, why not the other? I can't imagine it being much of an issue for them.
Perhaps partly due to supply chain considerations, and also due to the predicted amount of them that would actually be ordered.

It is disappointing though. I hate it when options you want are offered in other markets but not your own.
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