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R sport Chrome details.

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Hello Everyone,
I am looking into getting a 2018 XE r sport 30T AWD.
I haven't had the chance to check out a R sport in person as my nearest dealership doesn't have one. :crying:.
Could any one share an up close pic of the Satin Chrome Grill around and Side power vents for me to understand how it really looks. As i could find any decent pic online.

1. Does the R sport have Brushed Aluminum finish ?
2. How dark is the Satin Chrome finish
3. Does the Satin chrome accent complement well/ or not, on a black R sport ?

Thanks in advance for the response guyz.
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Welcome to the forum! Don't have an R-Sport so I can't help you with those close up pictures. As for the Aluminum finish, are you asking about the interior? The cabin should have Etched Aluminum veneer.
Thanks for responding.
It the exterior side power vents, front grill around and front vent splitter I m looking for.
Surely if that model is available at another dealership, they should have some detailed pics in the ad. I wasn't able to find any close up shots either. I for one prefer the carbon fiber finish, especially on a black R Sport.
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