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I installed a remote radar detector in my 2011 XK and it works perfectly. Considering installing one in my 2017 XE R however if the car uses radar for Adaptive Cruise Control and the detector is in the grill this could be a problem if the car uses K Band radar. However if the car uses sonar this would not present a problem. Jaguar's response was a tentative "sonar". Considering the expense of an Escort remote I don't feel comfortable with their answer. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't have an answer to your question, but it opens a new question as I have the electrically heated windshield and the owners manual gives instructions as to where to install toll transponders does anyone know if the windshield will interfere with a radar detector?
I've seen plenty of radars installed inside the cabin so I assume the windshield alone won't interfere with a radar detector.
Proceed Carefully!!

On this forum there was a thread around 2016 regarding this too. The feeling I got from that thread was that you will have big problems getting it to work through the front windscreen.

This makes sense to me, since the radar detector is waiting for radar waves to enter the glass from outside---much the way an EZ pass unit needs the RF waves to at least ENTER the glass to find the unit on your mirror,… and sunlight’s infrared waves need to ENTER the glass to heat your car up. So a glass that blocks sun waves AND radio-waves, is going to pester radar waves too.

Maybe certain brands of detectors will work in that dot-field area of the glass that Jaguar talks about. But the bad part is that this will become a trial and error task for you, figuring out which brand.
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