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Again the reported feeling impresses :D;)

Then we hammered the XE over Portugal’s wandering two-lanes, connecting sun-bleached villages with a supercharged wail and a red blur. Behind the wheel, the pounds melt away in an effortless hustle that’s all precision and dexterity. Helped by adaptive dampers and brake-based torque vectoring, the XE S turns in quick, corners flat, and exits fast. A crease in the asphalt at the apex becomes a twitch in your palms, a flash of recognition in your brain, and a wiggle of your wrists, all without conscious thought. This is real, living, breathing steering feel, and the XE has it in spades. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry tears of joy, and you’ll marvel that this is Jaguar’s first use of electric power steering in a sedan. It is exceptional.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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