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Thoughts on XE's wheel options we've been shown so far?

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I like picture #2 Propeller 10 spoke best but 20 inch wheels are way to big for the amount of pot holes I have in my area.
I have 18's on my ATS and have had to replace 2 tires this year.
Since 19's are the smallest they have with the XES I will probably go with the 19" Venom twin five spoke in black.
I like this one the best. I think that they will be the most popular choice.

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I've ordered 20" Propeller alloys on my new XE-S due to be delivered late April / early May...
I like the first and second wheel options a lot, but as much as I like them, i'm still planning to go the aftermarket route and use the OEM wheels as my winter beater wheels. HRE might be a brand I pick from.
Option 1 is definitely my favourite choice. Aftermarket wise HRE or AvantGarde. Possibly Vip Modulars ?

Don't like any of the stock Jaguar wheels for the XE, so i went aftermarket. Bought a set of Brock RC29's which i think look great.
I actually prefer the first ones. Look a bit more sport oriented
Anyone here considering going aftermarket?

Overall OEM wheels don't appeal to me that much so instead I usually go the aftermarket route.
Been thinking about wheels from HRE, their designs seem to suit the XE well.
Don't like any of the stock Jaguar wheels for the XE, so i went aftermarket. Bought a set of Brock RC29's which i think look great.
The RC29s probably give it an oem plus kind of look ? Do you have a picture of it ??
Would anyone here consider painting their OEM wheels in a different color or adding some other color in specific areas? Seen some people do that with other cars
That's a tough one... maybe if I could get them polished or something.. not the base trim wheels but the sportier ones
These were an option at extra cost


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Brock RC29 rims

The brock RC 29 rims on my 180 ps XE, I liked the look so much i bought a set of brock B32 HGVP for my winter wheels too.


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The Brock rims look very oem which I appreciate. It's nothing that shouts out at you but compliments everything nicely. I feel like @miniman with the black wheels, looks great, but they definitely change the tone of the car to more sport aggressive kind of thing.
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I'm with Dale...

It's understandably difficult for Jaguar to market the US. There's a bunch of us owners who are clearly American in our desire for a Jujistu or Spiderman style wheel presentation to suit the modern-day muscle car look. Salutes!

But there's also a bunch of us who hear "Jaguar" and think of the continental european look of straight no-nonsense spokes like Simon Templar's volvo, or Robert Mcall's Jag from the Equalizer tv show. Respect goes out to them too!
Jaguar is definitely trying to go young and racy, rather than posh and elegant.

I like the 6-spoke standard that came with my XE a LOT more than I thought I would (danged things grew on me--they're appropriate).

But I am on the hunt for winter tires for next year, and I want to pick from the XF style of wheels. They look a little more "mature", and I want to try saving money by going for a "last year" model. None of these pictures suits me. Some simple spoke-style rims is what I want. Anyone who knows where I can get a set of XF 'Libra' rims or 'Lyra' rims, please let me know.

Hey, remember, those of you looking to build a winter set of wheels,... try to avoid 18" and 19" rims. 17" is less expensive, and gets you a "taller" tirewall (what you need to stay safe in the snow and sinkholes).
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The Lyra wheels do look very "stereotypical" Jaguar and I love that. Extremely suitable, very mature, but very stylish as well. But good tip on the 17". Tires are a lot more readily available as well.
Buying used is always a good route, the only problem with that is you have to really inspect the wheel for stress and damage, not something everyone is up for or well suited for. But sometimes the savings alone and the cost to pay a professional to inspect can be well worth it. I can already think of some older HRE wheels i'd like to see mounted on the XE.
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