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Russian Woman Reviews the Jaguar XE

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You won't find a word of English in this review, all purely Russian, but still a great review. Funny enough, even without knowing Russian you'll get FAR more value out of this than some well known Canadian and U.S.-based automotive blogs ;)

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I watched this video on mute and it was still great :)
One downside is she doesn't do any aggressive driving, no pushing a vehicles limits through the slalom/road course/etc. it's almost always someone else doing it and her in the passenger seat. But even that's still good for a reaction.

This video has subtitles but they are in russian, weird how there's no option to translate to english.
That's okay. If she didn't do it, the other guy was obviously more skilled at doing so. Either way, I'd rather see how she'd react in the passenger seat especially through the slalom and what not because she would be more prone to flailing around opposed to the gentleman in the car.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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