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Scanner to reset adblue milage countdown?

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Hi all, I've got the dreaded Adblue quality warning and mileage countdown down. I used an ad blue that was to the correct spec so I don't know why its come on. I'm going to clean the injector and drain out an refill the adblue thank with official jaguar stuff. If that doesn't work then I will change the nox sensor. BUT between doing all this and waiting for parts to arrive, my milage is counting down.
So my question is... what is there a obd2 scanner I can buy that lets me reset the millage count down? I don't mind if it comes back on again until I fix the problem.
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I think you'll find it's dealer only to reset message. Either that or get it mapped out. I've been searching for a scanner to do the same, but no luck. It's all to do with the emissions legislation, otherwise we would all be cheating the rules. Good luck, but if you do find a solution it would be good to see it posted here.
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