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SD card slot

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Is the SD card slot for NAV or audio, if for audio files, do they have to be in a specific format and whats the capacity of the slot? 64? 128GB? Also, anyone have experience wwith the 800 watt Meridien system? Anyone like it? aHas the head unit improved since all the complaints that it was slow and cumbersome?
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Any more info on making a backup copy of the navigation SD card? (I'll be entering the XE world tomorrow with a new 2018 R-Sport.)

As background info, I have a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider with an SD card nav system. Fiat specifically suggests making a duplicate copy of their factory card in case of a card failure (which will happen at some point in the hopefully distant future - SD cards, like all digital storage, are not forever). I use the copy in that car and keep the Fiat factory card safely stored. In that system, the SD card becomes locked to the VIN after the first 100km and copies only work after that happens on the factory card.

Also I'm told that Jag map SD updates are not free (Fiat's are free for the first 3 years). I haven't found price info anywhere on the Jag website. Is that only revealed after opening an account and logging in? Perhaps it could be revealed here?
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