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SD card slot

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Is the SD card slot for NAV or audio, if for audio files, do they have to be in a specific format and whats the capacity of the slot? 64? 128GB? Also, anyone have experience wwith the 800 watt Meridien system? Anyone like it? aHas the head unit improved since all the complaints that it was slow and cumbersome?
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Definitely don’t load an SD card with any other sort of info saved on it. From what I’ve heard, the SatNav Card slot is very temperamental, and can start to display “cannot read” or “please load Nav card” if you’ve accidentally loaded anything in the SD slot other than Jag’s SD map card.
I also haven’t heard of anyone making a copy of the card on their computer,… so be careful if you decide to experiment.

The owners of 2016 models said, ONLY if you toss in a standard usb drive you’ve been using for a dozen other things, or were unlucky enough to pick a drive-manufacturer who’s card just doesn’t allow immediate access to the information, does the USB slot become notoriously slow (or even fails to read some songs you’ve loaded on the the USB drive).
People who HAD trouble with the USB slot… solved it by doing any one of the following solutions:

--Get a 3.0 high speed drive instead of the old faithful 2.0 speed drives.

--Get a couple of USB drives made by a company called “Kingston”. The UK drivers seem to swear by that brand, and it seems to work flawlessly in these Jaguars. I use the Kingston exclusively, no other brand. (LOL, sounds like a cigarette commercial).

--Wipe your USB memory completely blank by formatting the thing entirely (erasing back-up memory, file recovery software…everything). Then build your batch of songs completely on the computer, and ONLY when you’re completely finished sorting and naming everything, THEN load the complete batch onto the freshly-formated usb in ONE shot (no re-naming, deleting and moving around).

--Don’t mix too many different file formats onto one USB. If you like your songs as itunes mp4s, keep the ALL of them in that format (don’t mix in WAVs and AIFFs with mp4, etc).

I haven’t heard the 825 Meridian system.

I have heard the base non-Meridian (it’s perfect for people who just want lively music while they drive, but it’s not for drivers who spend a lot of time at live performances or have played with home stereo systems).
I HAVE the 380 Meridian in my car, and it’s excellently accurate and forceful, even when windows or moonroof are open on a highway drive.

The ONE thing the 380 system is truly weak on is giving your ears a DISTINCT stereo effect as you drive. I like the stereo from the 380, it’s tight and I can left and right speakers well enough... but let’s face it, while the XE’s minimalist cabin is TOO small to create the feeling of a wide group of musicians across the dashboard, even with the 10 speakers. You don’t have EXCITING stereo dancing everywhere across your front windshield…

The 825 Meridian is for those who need that stereo soundstage. A center speaker added below the front windshield, and a Meridian-patented sound processor added to the system’s brain, is what you’re getting from the 825… NOT super louder sound. Classical orchestra lovers and multi-instrument jazz collectors would love the 825 system. Many non-classical music listeners were disappointed with the 825----they expected more money would give them more LOUD.
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