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Should we Expect to see an XE Coupe?

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If you look at the segment it seems the norm to offer a coupe derivative alongside the sedan. Consider 3/4 series, ATS sedan/Coupe, Lexus IS/RC, Audi A4/A5. The only notable missing is mercedes, and they may very well be planning a C coupe of the redesigned sedan...

So if Jag is looking to be serious in this segment should we expect to see an XE Coupe?
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There will be a XEC, XECC and XESB, there IS a Mercedes C-Class Coupe, and a new one is undergoing testing now,
Coupe and Convertible you say... I suppose the F-Type is priced far enough out of range that cannibalization is not much of a concern? In all honesty its the sport back i lust for :D
They WILL build it, there are five confirmed units to be built on that chassis, the XE, XEC XECC XESB and C-X17
Logically I believe the XE HAS to be built int hose guises. Especially when you consider BMW offers 3 series in coupe and cabrio (4 series), and the aport back wagon, not to mention the fecking ugly as virtue GT model. Then Audi as well with the A4 Avant and the A5 coupe/cabrio...

I'll say it again XE Sport Back, yes I'll sign the dotted line :D:D
XEC has already been agreed. along with XECC, XESB, CX-17 and one other yet to be confirmed model.
one unconfirmed within the XE range or one unconfirmed for the architecture.

If its unconfirmed for the XE range I'd say perhaps sedan coupe that is quixotic in my opinion. If its the architecture I thought there were rumours that XF would be migrating?
hes referring to xe coupe convertible and xe sport back
There will be an

XE coupe - 2 door fastback with large hatch opening
XE Coupe COnvertible - says it all
XE SB - Sport Break
C-X17 - Jag SUV

As yet i cant tell you what the other car is, but it is NOT a car thats already in production OR in the immediate planning stages, but it will utilise IQ and I54 engines.
perhaps an XF coupe to rival 6 series? OR perhaps a smaller SUV x3/Macan sized...
Jaguar is going to go crazy with models.
I'd like to go crazy with models too ;)
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