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Should we Expect to see an XE Coupe?

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If you look at the segment it seems the norm to offer a coupe derivative alongside the sedan. Consider 3/4 series, ATS sedan/Coupe, Lexus IS/RC, Audi A4/A5. The only notable missing is mercedes, and they may very well be planning a C coupe of the redesigned sedan...

So if Jag is looking to be serious in this segment should we expect to see an XE Coupe?
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I think that they will make an XE Coupe. Everybody else seems to be making cars like that, and I've been reading that coupe styled sedans sell better than regular sedans. SO all signs seem to point to yes.
What is a Sport Brake? Is that like a shooting brake? Are we talking about a wagon here?
1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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