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To buy a car is difficult, but the cost to maintain and repair it is not small, especially in the process of using the car, you do not know how to "keep it". In order for your car to operate more smoothly and more reliably, as well as to maximize the cost of repair and maintenance, every car owner needs to know a few basic car repair operations. Sửa chữa mercedes

Tire change

Surely no one will want, their tires will be damaged during travel. You can prevent this bad situation from happening by paying more attention to your tires. With the current road conditions in Vietnam, an average tire will last about 2 years. However, you should replace it earlier to avoid serious damage. Since the tire is the only part that comes into contact with the road surface, it needs to be of good quality for your safe ride. Sửa chữa mercedes

You should find a reputable repair and maintenance center to change tires. Because the condition of poor quality tire change is not uncommon at today's garage companies. Ideally, you should choose reputable centers such as SmartCar Service ... or go to genuine warranty centers to be able to replace genuine products with clear origin.

Replace the air filter battery

Changing the air filter battery is also one of the basic car repair operations you need to know. In order for the vehicle to operate properly, the air filter battery must be kept clean and in good working order. Normally, there is no regulation on the time to change the air filter battery. When going to reputable maintenance and repair centers, the car mechanic will see if the car's air filter battery is still usable before deciding to replace it.

Change the coolant in the cooling system

Usually, this is a part on the car that is quite insignificant. However, the cooling water in the cooling system needs to be changed every 6 months or 1 year depending on weather conditions. If not replaced periodically, the coolant will acidify and corrode the components in the system. Therefore, car owners need to pay attention to this issue in basic car repair. Sửa chữa mercedes

Basic car repair operations, though not complicated, are extremely important to help your car operate well. You should look to reputable repair and maintenance centers to be guaranteed genuine replacement parts, at reasonable prices. In Hanoi, you can come to SmartCar Service at 10B Vo Chi Cong, Xuan La, Tay Ho, Hanoi. This is a car maintenance and repair center belonging to SmartCar Vietnam Technology Company, also an address trusted by customers to send their cars.
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