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"standard on all XE models with an automatic transmission" but not for you..


I got my Jaguar XE R-sport 2 weeks ago, and so far I enjoyed it.
However one week ago, once I got home I downloaded the jaguar remote application and made an account.
Once my account was created I had to add my jaguar to my account, here it asked for the VIN Code.
I checked my car and wrote down the 8 digits and tried to input it but the site gave an error: "No car has been found".
I thought mayby the Jaguar Garage had to add my car to the jag database or something and so I called them to ask why I got this error.
They didn't know what to do and told me they would ask the supplier.
2 days later I was near the shop/garage and asked the sales person the status of why I coudn't activate my car.
He told me he needed activation keys that the supplier would give him to activate it.
(I also showed them this video, where it clearly states that all XE models with automatic transmision will have this feature.)
Now I got a phonecall that the video statement is false and I had to pay for that option, that I was missing 2 'buttons' in my car to activate it???
It was a VERY close call to go for the XE instead of a german car,
however the free(with automatic transmision) included remote preheat/cool was certainly a big factor in chosing for the jag XE.
From an other post here, I concluded other people had it included without paying extra for it.

I am stunned, I feel betrayed.
What should I do?

TL;DR: No remote control in my car, had to pay for it, youtube video says all XE automtic transmisions will have it standard. I Feel Betrayed.
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