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Starting problems petrol xe

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Hi everyone
I have a petrol, 2019 Jaguar XE R-Sport.

I’ve owned it since new & it has always intermittently displayed a ‘battery low’ message on the dash.

Until recently, the battery low was constantly displayed, consequently I didn’t have any interior lights, no stop start & no remote start.

It’s been in & out of the garage on 5 occasions, the first few times they just charged the battery up & told me there wasn’t any issues. The 4th visit they told me it had a module update. On the 5th visit they told me my dashcam was draining the battery & the ‘drain & charge’ test had killed the battery, so they fitted a brand new battery & disconnected the dashcam.

A few days later the problems started again, the low battery message has gone, but it struggles to start, sometimes it will start & within a second it will shut itself down & other times it sounds like it’s trying to turn over & shuts itself off. I have to press the start button 2/3 times before it will start up, but then sometimes it will start fine.

The car has only done 4000 miles, has anyone else heard of this problem before? I am not getting any support from the dealer.

The dashcam is still disconnected.
Thanks in advance.
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@blackd11 have you had any feedback as to possible causes at all?
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