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Test Drive Jaguar XE Rivals Before You Buy

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Jaguar is so confident in the XE that they’re inviting prospective buyers in the UK to test ride rival cars first before pulling the trigger. This kind of head to head test is usually only available to publications, until now.

It’s a new initiative launched by Jaguar and shoppers who are still on the fence are invited to test drive up to three other rival compact executive saloons. Dealerships across the country are taking delivery of three competitor vehicles; the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. That C-Class rival is on the UK’s 10 best-selling cars of July 2016 list and it is the 10th bestselling model in the UK with 25,000 units sold already.

Do note that your local dealer may not have all three available for testing as Jaguar only managed to procure 250 rival vehicles so there may be availability issues. Some dealerships may get all three while others are stuck with just one.

The automaker claims that they are the first manufacturer in the UK to offer this option and the reasoning behind this initiative was explained by JLR UK’s managing director, Jeremy Hicks.

“Our offer is simple: if you are interested in test driving a Jaguar XE but are uncertain about how it will compare against its key rivals, then contact your local Jaguar retailer and arrange your own personal group test.”
This offer is only available throughout the first weekend of September so if you are interested, it may be a good idea to give your dealership a call.
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Even go the used route if you can, not enough people talk about that but if your looking at value, driving experience, features, etc. going used might be for you, especially if the XE doesn't check all the boxes, and for a surprising amount of people that has been the case.
That's real gutsy for them to do. But at the same time it does show how confident they are in that segment which is impressive. Really would like to see how people's experience goes with this.
Someone I know just went for a Lexus IS after driving the 3 series and XE, interesting someone would go that direction since it's out of the norm. But i guess it comes down to what you as an individual want and if reliability was at the top of my list with concerns around JLR... maybe Lexus would be higher up. Anyone looking into Lexus or Infiniti?
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