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It's been a long wait, but now the unveiling of the Jaguar XE is just around the corner, and Jaguar has planned a pretty crazy event to celebrate the occasion. The big unveiling will be happening on September 8th in London. It will take place at an undisclosed location on the River Thames and it will be quite a show.

The unveiling will be the culmination of the #FeelXE campaign. This campaign has gotten British pop star Emeli Sande to write a song that answers the question, "What makes you feel Exhilarated?" People have been sending thoughts and suggestions via social media to participate in the song writing. I've heard of songs being used to sell cars before, but I've never heard of a song being written specifically for a car. I guess its success will depend on how good the song is in the end. I have to wonder if people think that Emeli Sande is selling out here though.

It's unclear how, but other celebrities will be involved in the unveiling as well. Golden Globe winning actor Idris Elba is involved, as is fashion designer Stella McCartney. Guess that will be another surprise during the event.

How effective do you think it is getting celebrities on board to launch a vehicle? Shouldn't it be more about the actual car itself?

Regardless, I'll be paying attention a few weeks from now when we get a full on look at the new Jaguar XE.

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