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The Telegraph Drives The Jaguar C-X75

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The Telegraph managed to get their hands on a Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid and test drive it, a model that is set to appear in the upcoming SPECTRE movie and driven by Mr Hinx.

Here are it's specs:
Engine: Supercharged and turbocharged 1,600cc petrol
Motors: Electric, X2
Gearbox: Seven-speed robotised manual
Power: More than 850bhp
Torque: 738lb ft
Top speed: More than 200mph
Acceleration: 0-60mph in less than 3sec
Fuel economy: N/A
CO2 emissions: Less than 89g/km
Electric range: Up to 37 miles

Unfortunately, this car is not available for purchase as was planned in 2012 due to the state of the global economy and Jaguar does not plan to reverse this decision even after having it appear in the movie.

With power like this I would have loved to own a C-X75.
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I'm getting very excited for the new Bond movie. Excited to see the Bond car, and all the rest of the hoopla. Surprised that it isn't going to market though. I thought that the market for supercars is actually doing pretty well.
I'm not quite sure why they aren't either if the economy was their #1 concern. The economy has been picking up these past few years and car sales has gone up. Would be nice to see it in production to compete with the other super cars out there.
Jag needs to bring it to market, a lot of brands are doing well with selling supercars and i don't see why jag wont, they already seem to have good momentum with their current vehicles.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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