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Tire Rotation versus "Tyre" Rotation

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No joke, no Smoke. Your Jaguar owner’s manual really says this: Do NOT rotate your tires. Seriously, it ways not to.

I’ve had a FWD car all my driving life until now. Always invested in winter tires for the car, and always let my dealer or tire supplier rotate my tires for me each year or so.

I GUESS I will reluctantly follow the Jaguar instructions,… but what do you owners think about this? Did you know Jaguar says don’t rotate on the XE? Do you feel okay following it, or are you a religious “even treadwear” advocate?
Anyone know any facts that would make a European car maker tell you NOT to rotate your tires?
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I guess it depends if the wear on the tread is mostly even, but that means you'll need to buy more tires earlier from uneven wear.
Really?? I mean SERIOUSLY this is a troll right?? Hey Lester have you put air in your tires ??? Did you notice that the car has a Staggered wheel setup??

"and always let my dealer or tire supplier rotate my tires for me each year or so" Huh?? Tires should be rotated every 7500 miles unless of course it a Jaguar with a staggered setup that does not allow rotation..
Yeah I'm going to reiterate what's been said above, the owners manual says not to rotate your tires. because the fronts are DIFFERENT from the backs. I mean hey if you want to swap around the staggered set up, by all means have at it. But don't be surprised if you have some very uneven tire wear and bad performance. You can swap left to right, but not front to back.
LOL, not a troll thread. It’s the real deal.

IF you have the top-tier model XE, THEN you have staggered wheel set. But the base 2017 through tier-2 2017 has same size tires all the way around. Mine is the Prestige (tier-3). Some drivers in the UK sites argue that the 51-49 distribution of weight makes the tires so equally loaded that they essentially WEAR equally over a 2-4 year period of time.
I’m a bit skeptical of that, since with a great performance car and an adept driver, the front wheels and back wheels are not enduring the same stresses and same constant jobs during the drivie. So would they really WEAR in the same way and to the same degree after a year of good driving?

Anyway, more and more modern car makers are saying in the instructions, “do NOT rotate the tires", even on the models with the same proportion tires front to back.
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Hi there, I'm driving a MY17 XE Prestige 20T model 2.0 I4. My fitted tyres are of different sizes - front 225/45/18 and rear 245/40/18.

The manual warns us against rotating the tyres because it says "the forces released can damage the structure of the tyre and cause it to fail." In this light, it's just a warning I suppose and need not be religiously followed. I mean who has ever heard of a tyre exploding while it's being taken off a vehicle!
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