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Upgrading stock Jaguar Audio system

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Just received my XE. Stock audio system makes me cry.
I'm evaluating options to upgrade it with custom components.
Who knows where to get specifications of what is installed - mounting sizes, amplifier type and so on?
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Ugh, day one of my new XE Sport. Love it, but sound quality is surprisingly poor for an upmarket car. No base and very tinny. Off to the local specialist car audio as soon as possible. Actually had this on a previous car, and can confirm that it is the head unit itself that is the issue. They can upgrade speakers, put in a separate power amp (usually in the trunk), and add a sub speaker (heavy base), but the quality of the sound itself is generated by the head unit. With the way they are integrated in modern cars, you can't change that without losing all the other functionality. I will post further on what gets done and the outcome.
What did your local car audio specialist say? Can't imagine it being a simple switch since the head unit needs to be removed and replaced.
All done. Took it in to an upmarket radio place that does high end cars. Head unit stays obviously, but they changed out all the door speakers and dash top tweeters, except the rear ones as they are only used an much reduced volume. Doors have had some special dampening material fitted prevent buzz/ rattle. Also a small sub-woofer in the boot/ trunk, which unfortunately reduces it's size a bit and interferes with folding down the seats, but it's velcro'd in to be portable. And lastly a proper amplifier hidden away somewhere. They then set up the sound professionally on a lap top, and you are encouraged not to touch any of the stereo system settings. It now sounds incredible! Highly recommended, and not a huge amount of money considering what the car costs. Cost $3800 australian (USD2700/ BP1900). As a side line, I notice now there is no mute switch on the steering wheel or touch screen?
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John, not sure that will work too well. Trust me, it's great. If you like your music I'd recommend you ditch that cheap set-up. What's the pleasure in cruising around in a stunning looking Jag with a Mazda quality sound system?
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