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VW is cashing me out! First choice is 20d Premium with the fat stereo. Talk me out of it! Also thinking S60, etron, 328d, 330e...
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Okay this is confusing me. I need a back story lol
when I say talk me out of it, I am playing devils advocate - I'm getting some good cash for the vw and will be buying a premium car, definitely an upgrade from a Jetta. Gonna research all the cars but the XE makes my heart thump. Haven't heard much bad stuff about the car and was looking for the issues that exist.
Oh okay okay thank you very much lol. I'm also very heavily interested in the XE and am here as well to look into potential problems. So far nothing really seems to phase me too much so I think I may have found my winner ! What else are you looking at ?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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