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They actually replaced the rugs and had it for 5 days the first time. The second time they dried and a few other things to prevent corrosion. The third time I said don't bother. I want a new car at this point and they have started the process with Jaguar USA to get approvals to swap the car out. I called Jag also when I saw the water again the third time and they also said they will open a case to replace it with the dealer. So far seems like they are going to give me a new one altogether. I brought the car to them Friday and they have had it since then. They gave me a RR Evoque in the meantime. Which came in handy since it snowed like crazy the next day lol
I have had the same problem with my XE in Australia have had the entire interior removed 3 times and it still leaks the dealer has had it now for 2 weeks and is trying to tell me that the water is coming from the air conditioner! Hard to believe when it fills up with water over night sitting on the drive!
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