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Yeah so Jaguar rejected the replacement since it wasn't 3 times but Manhattan JLR said they would make good on it and eat the cost for me and then they would go after the dealer that messed it up twice.

Apparently the work was so bad at Paul Miller Jag in Madison NJ that they took pics and immediately sent it to Jaguar USA. Jag was going to go after them for reimbursement.

Anyway, I would have had to start a new finance for the same car. I asked what if I took it back cuz Manhattan said they tested extensively etc. I really didn't want to lose the 6 months I paid in.

So they said well you take it back if it happens again Jaguar has to replace it no questions asked and I don't start fresh on a finance.

Jag offered to pay two payments I said no, if I take it back I want extended warranty forget the payments.

They agreed. So I took the chance and took the car back. Not a drop in it since. The fact Manhattan was going to eat the cost showed me they were a really upstanding crew so I said you know what, I don't want them to eat the cost cuz Paul miller sucked. If it happens again I get a new one.

It's been a few months and everything has been good.

So anyone reading this in the NY NJ area and want a Jag, go see Roman at Manhattan JLR. He's the man.

Hopefully you get yours taken care of soon. It's definitely fixable. They got it right on mine.
That's actually a pretty darn good deal. Smart to get the extended warranty instead of the two payments as well, it's far more valuable and will prove much more helpful down the line. That's probably one of the only cases where I would definitely feel inclined to urge people to go see them as they're some real stand up guys at Manhattan JLR.
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