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We're downsizing from a MB E350 BluTec, because it's just larger than what we need for the two of us (and occasionally one or two passengers). We checked out the MB "C" class, Porsche Macan, VW CC, Audi A4, and the Range Rover Evoque, but finally settled on the XE. We're waiting until our local dealer receives an XE Prestige with the turbo diesel. We think this will really be a great car for the two lane twisty roads in our area. We love our VW Sportwagen TDI and our MB E350 Blu Tec, so we expect great things from the Jaguar diesel.

Has anyone in the USA reviewed the diesel? I've seen the reviews from the UK, but my guess is that it's a different engine, or at least tuned differently.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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