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Care to share the percentage increase in your petrol consumption?

Also, after pedaling your xe on dynamic mode, do you get a burn smell from the engine when you get out of your car? I'm not worried if it's unsafe - I'm sure it is. But do you know what us that smell? Is that the smell of the engine oil?

Drove the XE in Dynamic Mode for an entire week. First time I “stayed” in this mode for longer than an hour. Many owners do not feel any substantial difference in the car’s handling or pedal when in Dynamic----just as many of us feel a difference that is not only significant, but unnerving. Some have admitted they were in Dynamic when they bumped another car, or pranged their XE against a retaining wall or hedge.

For me it always did feel uncomfortably different than Normal Mode, and it took a couple of drives just to be able to keep the car sailing smoothly in traffic without ACCIDENTALLY causing the famous “leaps” to occur.
The single action of downshifting one notch with the steering paddle and changing a lane is supernaturally shocking. Faster than any car I’ve seen on the expressway—just a snap quick move, with no warning you can feel in the seat, and NO side-sway of the car at all. The XE just sits neutral and level, and lets you bank the steering wheel to oneside on the impulse of a thought. Flaming Marvelous!

And a second after I’ve made the maneuver, the car LIFTS OFF like a missle from a fighter plane… because I leave my foot on the throttle just a BIT too long,.. and I quickly have to reign the car in and prevent it from accelerating ahead.

In the words of Clint Eastwood from that Firefox movie, “…What A Mah Sheen”. In Dynamic Mode, as quick as you can think it, the car goes and does it.
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